Reach Bit Error Rate Tester

Telemetry Bit Error Rate (BER) Tester

Reach Technologies Inc. Bit Error Rate Testers are designed for testing synchronous serial communications equipment, communications links and radio telemetry systems. In addition to several standard configurations, Reach also offers custom configurations, including multi-channel and mixed data rates.

Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT) are used to measure the number of errors in a data transmission system. A data
transmission system is any piece of equipment that takes in data and outputs the data, possibly transforming it in
the process, or it may be a communications link that passes the data from one location to another. The number of
errors can be reported as a simple count of bits in error or as a ratio of bits in error to total bits checked. This ratio
is commonly referred to as the Bit Error Rate.

A BERT generates a test data stream that is passed through the data transmission system. The BERT then
checks that data stream against a reference data stream and detects any errors introduced by the system under
test. The BERT detects bits in error and missed bits (also called bit slips).

The Reach Technologies Inc. BERT generates and checks PRBS data streams of 27-1 bits, 211-1 bits, 215-1 bits,
or 223-1 bits. The BERT is capable of generating and checking user defined patterns between 3 and 32-bits in
length. Using an internal clock synthesizer the BERT generates these data streams at data rates from 100 bps to
58 Gbps depending on the BERT model and physical interface in use. Using an externally supplied transmit clock the BERT can generate data at rates down to 0 bps and supports gapped or burst clocking.

Our BERTs have an intuitive graphical user interface that displays the bit error statistics and allows the user to control the operation of the BERT hardware. The BERT can be controlled locally or remotely using the same software. The BERT is available completely integrated in a CompactPCI chassis* with a touch screen user interface, or as a
board and software for installation in a customer supplied Personal Computer.

Reach also provides a line of PC Card BER solutions.

rack mount kit available



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