3-phase Power Generation Monitoring System

Reach Technologies' Generator Monitor is a high performance, DSP enabled, power generation monitor, quality analyzer and event data logger. The Generator Monitor is ideal for monitoring 3-phase power generation installations in support of Smart Grid compliance. Our goal is to help our customers retrofit existing and OEM new installations to improve quality, and maintain stability through the fast detection, recording and notification of power faults.


3-phase Power Generation Monitoring

Low-Voltage-Ride-Through (LVRT) Compliance
Fault Ride Through Effects on Alternators Connected to the Grid

Warranty Validation

Insurance Validation


Stator AC Waveform Monitoring

Cycle-by-Cycle RMS

High-Voltage Transient (HVT) Detection & Capture

10/100BASE-T, USB, or optional RF Modem Communications

Event Recording

IoT Connectivity

Power Generator Monitor Brochure