One of the key drivers of Reach Technologies' growth and success over the past twenty years has been the company's ability to design products and solutions tailor made to individual customer's specifications. Whether it is a ground-up design of a totally new product or a custom solution built on one of Reach's existing product platforms, the engineering staff at Reach have distinguished themselves by consistently providing fast, flexible and cost-effective design services.

At Reach, the focus is on iterative development with the input of customers and end users to ensure the solutions provided are exactly what are required to meet, and if possible exceed, the specifications of a given requirement.
The desire to work with customers to provide effective, unique and custom solutions rather than simply trying to sell generic products that may or may not fully satisfy a given requirement has truly set Reach apart from other firms over the past two decades.

If your company has a requirement or even a wish list that seemingly can't be fulfilled, chances are the top-notch design team at Reach can find a way to provide what you need efficiently and cost-effectively.


Reach Technologies' manufacturing goes hand in hand with the company's design services. Working with PCB manufacturers and CM partners, Reach can manufacture, assemble, test and deliver a customer's custom-designed product or solution efficiently and dependably. PCB manufacturing and automated assembly are outsourced to trusted partners, while final assembly and testing is performed in-house by Reach's experienced engineers and production team.

Whether a customer's requirement calls for a single stand alone system or a product produced by the thousands, Reach has the capacity to manufacture and deliver whatever is needed on time and on budget.