Reach Telemetry Recorder

Telemetry Data Recorder

Reach Technologies' high-performance Telemetry Recorders are available in several standard configurations and offer all of the advantages of disk-based recorders, including random access to data, high capacity, network data transfer, and media reliability.

Our data recorders provide the capability to manipulate and process data using processing applications. Processing applications take telemetry data from a source application (Transport or Interface), manipulate the data, and pass it on to a destination application.

Key Features:

Export via GigE or USB

Playback while recording

Removable system and data drives

Various chassis options, including TEMPEST Level III

Various I/O modules

? Analog

? Annotation

? Asynchronous Serial (RS-232, RS-422)

? Ethernet

? Serial PCM

? Video

SDK option



IRIG Chapter 10 format

Duration only limited by disk array size and configuration

Annotation options

? Voice

? Timing (Galileo, GPS, IRIG, PPS, IEEE 1588)



Real-time monitoring



Real-time data export to thrid-party processing or custom software applications

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