Reach Technologies' CAN Logger is a high performance, high channel count, DSP enabled, automotive bus data logger. The CAN Logger is ideal for capturing all or specific bus traffic for vehicles under test. The CAN Logger is also perfect for real-time monitoring of specific signals.

Key Features:

Configurable bus interfaces


16 LIN

8 Flex Ray

4GB data Storage (upgradable)

USB 2.0

10/100 Ethernet

Sleep mode

Wake on channel activity

Data buffered on wakeup

Real-time signal monitoring

Strip chart table

DSP triggering

256 ID monitor filter

256 ID log filter

8 digital I/O



Optional Modules:

Bus interface panel mount connectors (DB9, Lemo, etc.)

GPS module

WiFi module

2G/3G module

PTP time stamping

>64GB data storage

CAN Temperature Sensor Interface



CAN Strain Sensor Interface

CAN Vibration Sensor

CAN Pressure Sensor

CAN Frequency Sensor

CAN Voltage Sensor

CAN Current Sensor

CAN I/O Module

Data Management Server


CAN Logger Brochure