3-phase Power Generation Monitoring System

Reach Technologies' Generator Logger is a high performance, DSP enabled, power generation monitor, quality analyzer and event data logger. The Generator Logger is ideal for monitoring 3-phase power generation installations in support of Smart Grid compliance. Our goal is to help our customers retrofit existing and OEM new installations to improve quality, and maintain stability through the fast detection, recording and notification of power faults.


Quantification of Fault Ride Through Effects on Alternators Connected to the Grid for risk mitigation.

Key Features:

1MSPS raw waveform capture with 150ms of pre-trigger buffer

3 phase voltage input

1 phase current input

1 frequency input

True RMS

Power Factor

DSP triggering

Exciter inputs (voltage + current)

4GB data storage (upgradable)

Real-time signal monitoring

USB 2.0

10/100 Ethernet

Strip charts

Optional Modules:

GPS module

WiFi module

2G/3G Celular Modem module

PTP time stamping

>64GB data storage

CAN Temperature Sensor Interface

CAN Strain Sensor Interface

CAN Vibration Sensor

CAN Pressure Sensor

CAN Frequency Sensor

CAN Voltage Sensor

CAN Current Sensor

CAN I/O Module

Data Management Server


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